Digital Headshot Session


First impressions and the ability to grab someone's attention is critical in today’s market. Those few seconds are priceless.

When you present yourself in the market, you want to grab attention and leave an impression. My goal is to capture your image in a way that will leave the most impactful and lasting effect from the very first glance. Whether your headshot is intended for modeling, acting, personal branding or professional development, we will collaborate together to create the right image that suits your needs. When I hold the camera I am your biggest fan and will help you find a captivating moment that is uniquely and remarkably - You. As a photographer, I see a headshot as more than a portrait, they are impressions of trust and approachability. 

Why would you call on me to shoot your headshot?  Besides the best quality and price, my headshots are designed to market and promote. I capture your personality, your essence and the best of you.

With the aim of giving you the highest quality headshots, I will instruct you in poses that fit the look you are striving for. This will provide you with a wide array of shots to use for various marketing and promotional purposes.

Unlike a lot of my competitors, I do not limit the number of shots I take per look. Instead, we work together to make sure that you get the right shot.

Where Is Your Studio Located?

We are a fully operational professional studio, located in a 2000 sq ft spacious loft on the Bowery in Downtown Manhattan. We are capable of video production, fashion editorial and e-commerce sessions.

Studio Vs. Outdoor

I feel most comfortable in the studio, where it is easier to control the environment, lights and be more relaxed in a professional setting. We can shoot on the street with natural light, but I can also go near the window in the studio for natural light as well. I have the flexibility and equipment to achieve any look you want from neutral and safe to cinema noir. I can use Hollywood standard HMI video lights to create a cinematic look or do something very editorial. In the studio I use traditional studio lights, soft boxes and beauty dish to create high quality industry standard headshots. Shooting in the studio allows us to create a very cinematic natural look or go the opposite direction and do something you would see in a fashion magazine.

What Can I Expect From A Session?

I like to give many different looks and styles. I want you to have as many options as possible to choose from- whether a grey, black, or red background with many different lighting configurations. I set up my computer right next to you as we shoot so you see the results, photos in real-time. I like to give you full control and help direct me in terms of what you want for your photos. Do you want the photos moody or happy? Do you want the shots more cropped or switch clothing, lighting or background.

For standard headshots, I shoot everything 8x10 (2400x3000 pix). That has been the standard for many years. Anything larger will be difficult to transfer and store on your hard drive.

With the aim of giving you the highest possible quality headshots, we prepare multiple different looks per session. This will provide you a wide array of shots to use for various marketing and promotional purposes. Unlike many of my competitors, I do not limit the number of shots I take per look. Instead, we will work together to make sure that we get the shot right before we move on.

The process is interactive and dynamic - testing and trying things as we go. We will inspect each photo or group of photos as we go, and collaborate on picking the best and filtering out the rest. In our session, we generally end up with about 300-600 shots, you get the option to refine and delete photos for your final package if you wish.

This process leverages the very best of the available technology and gives you the most transparent insight into the final product. You won’t have to leave my studio with questions about what to expect. You will be intricately involved in the process and in helping me find the right focus, angle, and expression for you. When we’re done, you will have worked with me to filter through the photos and narrow down to the best images.

As your part in the agreement, you take the responsibility to communicate any concerns about the shoot. I measure my success by your happiness and willingness to promote both your shots and my work, so we’re not done until we both agree that you have the shots you want. Remember, we’re working with digital photos so we can delete and re-shoot to get what you want.

When we complete the shoot, I will upload the final shots to a single online gallery service called Pixieset. It can be password protected if you wish and send you exclusive access - you are then free to share the username and password with anyone you feel should have it, including friends, family, agents, casting directors or other industry contacts. Your proof page will allow you and your friends to mark your favorite shots, and choose any that you would like to have retouched. I will keep the proofing page up for 1 month after our shoot in which anytime you can ask for a download link for the full list of JPEG photos.

For quality retouching, we offer a complimentary service for five (5) retouched photos per session. This means that after your shoot, you may select any five photos to be retouched, and we will take one pass to clean up the photo for free. As an added bonus, you can copy all the raw files right after the shoot, just bring a large hard drive with you.

How Many Looks? How Many Photo’s Do I Get?

Unlimited Looks, Unlimited Photos, No Time Limit.

I don’t charge on the amount of looks or photos we shoot (but I average around 300-600 range). I don't charge on how much time we spend shooting. The point is to get you to look your best and get you what you need. We can shoot 2 hours doing 500 photos of 1 look and 1 lighting setup or 5 hours doing 300 photos of 10 looks and 4 lighting setups. It’s all the same to me.

I’m an expert at retouching and can go from light to intensive retouching. For headshots, I try to keep it natural and not deviate from the original photo. I believe in getting it correct in the camera then fixing it in post. I can easily remove blemishes and inconsistency in skin tone and make you look like the best version of you. It will look natural, keep the texture and detail in your skin, brighten your eyes and whiten the teeth. I provide 5 free retouches per session.


How Long Does A Session Last?

I don't watch the clock, but shoots generally last 6-8 hours. I give the same attention and focus on my headshot sessions as my fashion editorials.

What Clothing Should I Bring?

Bring as many options as possible. You mood might change mid-shoot and you might want something edgy or more classic.

I ask that everyone bring at least 5 to 10 different options for clothing. For headshots, you’ll just need tops (unless you’d like some 3/4 shots). I like to decide what you will wear from a range of clothing. Here are some considerations.

1. You Have To Love it!

Don’t shoot in anything that you don't feel comfortable wearing. Don’t dress with the thought that you will book a role if you wear a particular outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t shoot well while wearing it. Remember, be yourself because this is where you can get your own personal style into the shot.

2. Bring Color Variety:

People always ask what colors are best and I suggest bringing a wide variety of colors. I have actually been surprised in the past by my clients bringing a top that I didn't think will work, but turns out great on camera.

3. Don't Be Seasonal:

Everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets can work. I love textures and layers, but would generally stay away from crazy patterns.

4. When In Doubt, Bring it!

If you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work, just bring it along. I also suggest having some fun with this, if you feel your wardrobe is missing something then go shopping and find some great pieces to compliment your wardrobe.

I Don’t What To Do In Front Of The Camera, I’m Not A Model. Can You Help?

Yes, I will guide you how to pose and the right angles for you. I will reveal to you the many tricks of the trade, from body angles and techniques. I will help capture the essence and expressions that best suit you. You learn by experimenting. Your expressions are the most important thing in the shoot. All the lights and cameras are meaningless if you can’t land the expression you are trying to portray in your photos.

Can You Do Half-Body Or Full-Body?

Yes. I have a 500 sq ft Cyc-wall. I can do Full Body, Half Body, 3/4 Crop.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Because I rent the studio to other clients, I cannot confirm a photo session until 2-3 days before a shoot. However, I make it my priority to accommodate your schedule.

I accept Paypal, Check Or Cash. I will send you an invoice at the end of the session.

I recommend clients build a website after the photoshoot. A strong internet presence is critical to your career. We can discuss many options you have in improving how people will see and find you.